Time Description
18.05.2010 Seminar Series in Systems Biology
Mike Snyder, IMP, Vienna
04.05.2010 Seminar Series in Systems Biology
Ewan Birney, IMP, Vienna
20.04.2010 Seminar Series in Systems Biology
Marian Walhout, IMP, Vienna
06.04.2010 Seminar Series in Systems Biology
Len Pennacchio, IMP, Vienna
30.03.2010 Seminar Series in Systems Biology
Duncan Odom, IMP, Vienna
16.03.2010 Seminar Series in Systems Biology
Oliver Hobert, IMP, Vienna
23.02.2010 Seminar Series in Systems Biology
Detlev Arendt, IMP, Vienna
16.02.2010 Seminar Series in Systems Biology
Sui Huang, IMP, Vienna
19.01.2010 Seminar Series in Systems Biology
Charlie Boone, IMP, Vienna
15.12.2009 Seminar Series in Systems Biology
Eran Segal, IMP, Vienna
25.04.2008 2nd BIN PhD Workshop, IMP, Vienna
24.04.2008 Bioinformatics Symposium "Computational and Systems Biology Potentials and Challenges"
IMBA, Vienna
20.01.2008 - 23.01.2008 5th Conference of the Austrian Proteomics Platform
06.11.2007 - 07.11.2007 Workshop on RNA structure prediction tools
This workshop with Dr. Ivo Hofacker takes place at the Campus Vienna Biocenter.
31.05.2007 - 02.06.2007 Gregor Mendel Network 1st Conference
The Gregor Mendel Network organizes its first conference at the Masaryk University and the Mendel Center in Brno.
16.04.2007 - 17.04.2007 GEN-AU Evaluation Conference
The conference takes place at the Hotel Stefanie, Taborstraße 12, 1020 Vienna.

Provisional Program
21.03.2007 BIN II PhD Workshop
A workshop for all PhD students of the International PhD Programme to present the goals of their PhD thesis and discuss it with the PIs of the BIN project.

28.11.2006 - 29.11.2006 Workshop on RNA structure prediction tools
This workshop with Dr. Ivo Hofacker takes place at the Campus Vienna Biocenter.

(fully booked)

15.10.2006 - 18.10.2006 GEN-AU Conference "Genomics for Health"
This conference introduces a novel concept that will focus on three major topics within the area of life sciences: oncology, metabolic diseases and systems biology.
11.9.2006 Minisymposium Obesity & Diabetes
This small Symposium covers the following topics:
"Insights into phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis and function from gene targeting in mice"
"Cholesterol homeostasis in neurons and glial cells"
"Pancreatic beta cell lipid signalling in health obesity and diabetes"
28.06.2006 - 30.06.2006 Workshop on the definition of protein domains and their likelihood of crystallization
The workshop will cover experimental and computational techniques for identifying the boundaries of structural domains in proteins. It is organized by the Department of Biomolecular Structural Chemistry of the University of Vienna in it's capacity as a Training and Dissemination Centre for the EU 6th Framework VIZIER project.
beginning 17:00
Life Science Circle Innsbruck. "Biology in silico - was kann die Bioinformatik?"
Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Zlatko Trajanoski, Dr. Armin Graber and Dr. Klaus Heumann are going to give a lecture about what bioinformatics can do, followed by a moderated discussion.
beginning 09:00
MATLAB in Bioinformatics and System Biology
In this seminar experts from The MathWorks are going to present how to use MATLAB for analysis of microarray- and mass spectrometry data - from raw data processing to the final, statistical data interpretation
25.05.2006 - 27.05.2006 Evolution of Biomolecular Structure
This meeting is intended to provide an overview over recent progress in the field, and in particular to demonstrate the important contributions of bioinformatics and computational biology to the understanding of the principles of molecular evolution. The Symposium will be held at the University of Vienna. It will feature eleven plenary lectures and a summary presented by Peter Schuster. In addition there will be contributed talks and a poster session.
15:00 - 17:00
OCG Kick Off Research Group Bioinformatics
The OCG discloses the foundation of their new research group "Bioinformatics", under direction of Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sepp Hochreiter (Institute for Bioinformatics, University Linz), and invites to this presentation.
Invitation: ocg-060305.pdf